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dinsdag 15 juli 2014

The love doctor

Na een Biodanzareis naar Kythira, het Griekse eiland waar Aphrodite uit de zee geboren werd schreef ik dit gedicht. Stephen White en Diana maakte er een wonderbaarlijk reis van....

I paid a visit to the love doctor
She keeps practice at a very special place
You have to fly and dance
And surrender yourself to get there
But when you do…
You will find more healing than you could imagine
The doctor gives you a warm welcome
His eyes say yes to everything you are
Her arms will embrace you
To new ways of being with yourself
There are other seekers with you
And there is no waiting room
Everything is here and now and you
And me and music and dance and nature
And happiness
The doctor has a most important recipe
He invites ENTREGA
Surrendering to who you truly are
She gives permission for transgression
And a lust for love and life
You will learn to follow your desires
To listen to your deepest self
The medicine is kissing and swaying
and listening to the sea
llaying in a nest with lovely other human beings
The medicine is live
Love for now
Love for you
Love for nature
Love for everything around you
The treatment is dancing and finding back
your succulence And lustfulness and juiciness
The therapy is loving each other back to life
Loving each other back to life
Loving each other back to life
I paid a visit to the love doctor
And what a visit it was
Everybody had a different adventure
And still me traveled together
With the love doctor
The love doctor
The love doctor
In a very special place
In a very special way
And when I am home again
And they ask me what I did
I can only say
I had a love treatment
And it was beautiful beyond believe

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