Hier vind je regelmatig berichten over Biodanza; de theorie, de praktijk, de vertaling naar het dagelijks leven, de effecten, poezie en meer....

woensdag 6 april 2016

Biodanza works really wonder full

Biodanza works because....

The power of the Group

The beautiful kaleidoscope of a group of beings. Being the womb for each other, the laboratory, the playground, the fertile soil, the loving possibility. Being more YOU because of all the others. 

The power of the Vivencia

Being able to be totally alive and bodily aware. Experience a totally lived moment emotionally, bodily, cenesthetically, musically, spiritually...

The power of the Music

Hearing the music, feeling the music, moving within and around the music, becoming the music....

Even if you can not do it standing up..
The power of the Expanded Consciousness

Open up inside and out. More aware, more present, more sensitive, intuitive, transcendent. Experiencing ecstasy and intacy. Awaken the divine in your human being. Amplification of perception with all your senses. 

Dance of the seed

The power of the Integrated Dance

Becoming whole in your movement. Move with cenesthetic sensitivity, move with music, self and other, move with all the lines (vitality, sexuality, creativity, affectivity, transcendence). Being moved en be the movement and the mover...

The power of the Caress

(Re)-Discover the poetry of the human encounter. Touching with presence and tenderness. Caress the whole of the other with the whole of your self.

The power of Trance

Find your way back to your original being. Re-parenting, to be born again in a context of love and care, abandonment and surrender. being attuned with the mystery of love that you originate from.

I love the Wonder Fullness of Biodanza (and life)


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