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woensdag 16 maart 2016

Dancing without dancing

The theory of life / the practice of love

Sometimes you can not dance, because of a small or major movement challenge you are dealing with. I learned something from Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh that I use when I am not able to dance or do certain dances in a Vivencia.

It helps that I danced a lot and that my possibility for entering the Vivencia has grown a little, but everybody can do it. Thich Nhat Hanh teaches that when someone cannot move (he works with Mindful Movements, a bit like our fluidity series), that you can move inside, by watching really mindfully someone who is moving. He suggests that you choose someone in the group and watch him or her so closely, so mindful as if that person is doing your movements, or is moving just for you. 

In Biodanza and creativity, we learn how to draw by being totally sensitive and in contact with the other. Drawing without worrying about the results. Just drawing as a Vivencia. caressing the face of the other by letting your pencil move on the paper, without looking at the paper. 

In a schoolweekend about Transcendence (I am part of the didactic team) I was able to put this into practice, because of a knee challenge. 

I was sitting in the room, with a smal drawing book and a pencil. I know all the dances and the music, and I entered the Vivencia by making smal drawings, and looking really mindfully. 

I was really deep in Vivencia. I was dancing without dancing. The secret is in the Mindfulness. I was in a Vivencia, I entered through drawing, I danced on paper, and was totally in the moment and with the dancers in the group. 

Not able to dance today
But danced anyway
Paper as the dance floor, pencil as my body
Not able to dance today
By watching and listening to the music
Observing the movement of the dancers
Danced anyway
Able to dance today

At home I colored the drawings with aquarel...


eutony in 3

Slow down, slow down, slow down

giving voice in the spiral - aaahhhhhhhh


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