Hier vind je regelmatig berichten over Biodanza; de theorie, de praktijk, de vertaling naar het dagelijks leven, de effecten, poezie en meer....

donderdag 23 juni 2016

What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is a chance to reconnect with yourself, with others, with life and with love

It does not matter if you are young, or old or something in between

You will be moved by beautiful music

You will have surprising encounters

Your childlike spontaneity, sincerity and creativity will be reawakened

It does not matter if you are shy

You learn how to be nurturing and how to let yourself be nurtured

Life will become much sweeter, when you dance with your friends and fall in love with life

Teachers are only facilitators, they will encourage you to be who you truly are, and they are discovering more of life themselves....just like you

Relationships in your life will change for the better, and you will become healthier and happier

But most important is to bring everything you learn in Biodanza into your work, into your familie, into nature, into the world. 

We all need more love, more connection, more self esteem, more spontaneity, more creativity, more affection, more meaningfull movement and more joy!

There are lots of beautiful ways to happiness, I really like Rolando Toro's Biodanza way! 

I See you at the congres. 
In a Vivencia on friday I will bring you close to tender poetry! 

Love.... Saskia de Bruin

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  1. the beautiful and simple nature of life en love; what want we more?!!