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maandag 11 juli 2016

Poetry in Movement - Biodanza congres 2016

Here are the poems of my Congres Vivencia
about poetry in movement

Before we start

My talking will only be poems today

To take poems in
It is necessary to be really quite

So please when a dance is over
When the music stops
Enter into the silence

Be really present

So you can hear my voice
Speaking to you, in poems

Only then
You will hear my heart
You will feel my love

And you will discover
The poetry lover inside of you

Don´t worry about beautiful words
That you would like to take home with you
I will put everything on a website
You can read it later on

So let it flow through you, nothing will be lost
You don´t need to hold on to anything

Let´s go on a journey together
Dancing poet´s we are….

Meaningful movement poem with music
One sentence per page....

Please don´t try to move well today

Move full of meaning
Drop your familiar way of dancing
Come into the contact
With your self
With your companion
With the group
With the music
With this unique moment in time

Move from your heart
Move towards life
Towards each other

Move yourself
Together with your companions
Open your senses
Your heart
Your eyes
All your possibilities

Dare not to know
What might happen
In the next moment
And the next moment
And the next moment

Allow your beginners mind
To take over
You will see
With the most open eyes
The eyes of a child
Open to everything
That is here
For you
To experience

Allow Vivencia
Everything becomes possible
When you dare to be
So open
And you will become
Like your movement will
And your connection with life will

Connect wholeheartedly
With this moment
And dance will emerge

Like poems always do

Walk with stops

We are one
Like a flock of birds
Like a school of fish
We can move as one big organism
If we tune in
If we are open to each other
If we are perceptive
Of each change in the group
Let´s walk
And if one person stops, we all stop
If one person goes, we all go
Everybody can take initiative
To stop
To go
So let´s be totally aware
Of each other presence
And movements
Let´s help each other to make this work
Really beautifully
And let´s move
Like a school
Like a flock
Of human

Free walk

Let´s walk
Freely and without a plan
Walk your walk
Or invite someone
And walk together
Or dance a little

Walk faster
Or slower
Walk light
Walk lyrical
Walk free

Change direction
Look around
See all the walking around you
Find eyes
Find hands
Find your way

Discover that you are writing
A poem on the earth
With your feet
And your movement
With your motivation
To move


As free as can be
Change your mind
Find companions
Let them go again

And know
The trace of beauty
Your walk leaves behind

And discover
In each moment
What to do
How to walk

Find your path
The music will lead you
Your heart knows the way

Let your walk evolve
Just by walking


 Liberation of movement

Let´s move and liberate our movement
Not to push it to freedom
But to allow

Allow all movement that wants to happen
Don´t think
Don´t care about performance
Just let  it move
Be aware of the wonder
And beauty of your movement

Travel with your awareness
To your feet
Be totally there
Experience the wonder of your feet
And than
Your knees
Your hips
Your pelvis
Your tummy
Your chest
Your arms
Your hands
Your shoulders
Your head

Feel how you move
Feel how life moves in you
And all around you
And through you
Feel how you are life


The liberation of movement

Let it happen
Let it move

Free rhythmic synchronicity

part 1 

Now we come to a verse of synchronicity

Synchronicity is making things happen in the same time
Making things move together

The starting point is the genuine contact we make

We find each other in this moment in time
And we let movement evolve from there

We invite a companion
And we make a sensitive eye contact
We take each other´s hands
We stand face to face
Just as we are

Our feet initiate the dance

And then we start to move
Our whole body
And we synchronize

part 2

And when we are in tune
In this moment
We can be as free as we like

We can hold hands
Or let them go for a while
We can discover
We can play

Let the dance invent itself

Not in a way we think is correct
But in a way we feel is natural


Trusting the rhythm of life

We dance together
Here and now
Movements in tune
Sensing each other

Rhythm leads the way
It helps us
To find together this moment
And to discover the feeling of moving synchronized
In contact

And we dance
We dance
We dance
Rhythmic Melodic synchronicity

Rhythm has the capacity to guide us
We can tune our movements more easily with a rhythm

Now melody arrives
We are on a bridge
From rhythm to melody

Melody invites us to open our hearts
It helps us feel
And become more sensitive

Let´s hold hands
And slow down a little
Play with rhythm and melody

Follow for a while the rhythm
Then let it go
And find the melody

Follow the slow flow Underneath the rhythm

Find yourselves swaying

Discover each other’s heart
Each other’s eyes

And when it becomes too much
The gazing

You can close your eyes for an inward  gaze

As if you breath in the image of the other

Then open your eye again
Discover each other in a new way

Dance together with the melody

Let yourselves be danced
By the music

Find each other´s heart along the way

There is so much to discover there….

Free melodic synchronization

And now melody welcomes us
Into the world of feelings

We slow down even more

Find a companion
Or let yourself be found

We start with holding hands Really sensitive

And we start to make movements of opening ourselves toward each other

Open doors around your heart
With each movement you make

As if your heart is whispering a dance of intimacy to the heart of the other

And then we can softly sense Each other´s hands

We open ourselves
We open ourselves
Hands with the ability
Of sensing the essence of the other

Eyes open
Eyes closed
Eyes breathing in and out each others being

Being moved by the melody of love

Free melodic dance (individual)

Even more freedom now
A melodic dance

You are a love letter that life wrote to the world
Let it dance
Let it dance

Musical syntony

Now we arrive at the heart of the Vivencia
We are able to create poetry
With movement

I invite you for a dance of syntonie
First with music

One of us is the dancer
The other one helps us dance

The dancer stands
Eyes closed

The other touches
Very delicately and sensitive
The dancers body
One place at a time

The dancer responds to the touch
With movement
A dance emerges
A poem of movement

No hurry
No force

Only permission
Sweet stimulation
For the poet to come forth
In movement full of meaning
Being cared for
As a beautiful piece of art

Don´t worry about what it looks like
Works of art never worry about their looks
They simply flower
They sing
They dance
They emerge
Fresh and wonderful
As something that never happened before

This dance you will dance
Never happened before

And when the music is over
We keep on touching and moving

Even slower
More sensitive
More delicate
More miraculously

And a silent syntonie happens
Poetry in movement

Let it happen
Let it happen

Compact Group

We come together
As a compact group
With air to breath
No clinging
But being together

That we are the poems
Written by love
Written by life

Every moment is a new verse
And a new one
And a new one

Just being poems of life and love

Rolando knew this so deeply
He read a lot in the library of love
What a poetry lover he was
And what a writer of wonders he was

Let him sway with us
Let´s be lyrical and alive
Swaying together


Let us have encounters
Let us embrace today
With simplicity

Sometimes we are
Afraid of the pureness
Of simplicity

Our ability to simplify means
To eliminate all that is unnecessary
So the necessary can speak to us

And than
We are more in touch
With the essence
Of ourselves
Of the other
Of the music
Of the movement

In this moment

It may feel unusually

We are so used to complications

Sometimes we hide ourselves
In the complexity we create
To protect our once broken heart

So let´s simplify
And be open

Enter into this moment
Pure and simple as nature
Be just who you are

That is the most
Profound way
Of being

And of meeting each other
And of living

Open hearts
Open arms
Eyes able to see wonders

Let´s encounter each other with simplicity

An encounter is a miracle
It is a  poem of contact

It is a song of love
Composed by the hearts
That found each other
In a moment of grace

Heart to heart dance

Lay your heart close to the heart of a companion

Feel the tenderness
The delicate wonder of hearts beating so close together

Be so quite
That you can hear your hearts whispering
Side by side
Beat by beat
Sweet poems of love

Start swaying out of sheer wonder
A dance will emerge
A dance that helps you discover

That nothing evolves us like love (hafiz)

As the wise old poets have told us from the beginning of time

Our hearts know this
And they whisper this truth
Again and again
With each heartbeat

The only thing we need to do
Is be quite
Really really quite
In a state of not knowing anything


Open to wonders
And delight
Open for the poetry of love

Let´s dance heart to heart

Dance in 2 activating

And find a new wonder of nature
To activate  a little together


Circle of activation

We are One
 Everything touches everything
Always and everywhere

We are all one
Never separated
Only sometimes we forget

To remember we need to be together

To dance, to embrace and to look into each other´s eyes

Our love brings us back into connection

And connection brings us back to wholeness

We are one
I exist because of you
You exist because of me

Let’s celebrate our oneness

Once and for all

Or twice and for ever more

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