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dinsdag 12 juli 2016

Personal interest versus collective interest

 “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Home after the Biodanza congress, The films and pictures of the congress pop up here and there on facebook.

I do understand that we all are enchanted by the beauty of the whole experience. But I don't understand why we share such sacred moments as the collective dance of the seed (Vivencia Helen) on internet.

We made an appointment with each other not to film during vivencia's, and... not to share it here and there, but keep it for ourselves.

I learned from (among others) Antonio Sarpe: don't do what is only good for you personal, but do what is good for the Biodanza Movement as a whole. 

What we all want is, to let this beautiful movement grow and flourish. I would love to have Biodanza grow in institutions, companies, hospitals, schools...

All the post's on facebook do not help, really they don't. 

A Vivenvia is a Vivencia. A totally lived moment, not only mentally but physiologically, cenesthetically, visceral, emotional, spiritual. All that is lost, when you look at a picture or a YouTube film. 

We need to experience Vivencia and then integrate these experiences. You can do that in a lot of ways:

Dance every week
Do the Biodanza school
Write poetry
Paint your Vivencia
Sing about it
Dance some more
Live your life integrated and Biocentric
Tell about it
Start your own groups and be inspired to inspire
Go to the next congress too! 
There's more, there's more we can do...

Please let's beautify the image of Biodanza. It is not just some lovely dancing. It is a very affective delicate Grail that needs protection, nourishment and containment.

Let's grow exponentional! Are you with me?

We can only accomplish that, when we navigate on our collective interest, and are willing to let go of some personal interest's.


Reaction from: Marieke Annink-Bouma 12 juli 12:55

I totally agree with you. Although I also understand the personal wish of everybody who would want to relive a vivencia... But you are so right. Biodanza can only be shared from an integral point of view. When you tell about the biocentric principle and the idea of love and affection, people understand the meaning. But when I talk about the level of intimacy and transcendence shared, many listeners get caught in their ideas of "happily blowing and tripping hippi people". And that is not the key message of biodanza. (At least that is my humble opinion.) 

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