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dinsdag 7 maart 2017

Angsthazen & Fear Bunnies (for dancers and teachers)

When you are doing something for the first time, there is often an element of fear. The fear means that you are renewing yourself. You enter new territory, you go somewhere that is unknown to you. You can be scared, and have the idea that monsters are all around you...

But in fact there are new possibilities in front of you! 

The best you can do is to look your "fearbunnies" (in holland we call them "angsthazen") straight into the eyes

Then what you can do, is listen very carefully. So that you will learn to know each other

Maybe you can even begin to love your fears and give them little kisses

Then you can come up with a great plan

And then start the dance with fear. Fear is wonderfull, it sometimes protects you from harm, it sometimes warns you, and sometimes it tells a lot about your hidden motivations and obstacles. Listen to fear and dancing with is, is always a great idea

Fear become a well known guest, and when it is welcomed in your heart, it often looses it's overwhelming-ness. It even can become very innocent...

And then a miracle will happen. New growth takes place, new adventures begin, new territory is open to you.... and you will be astounded by the wonders of life and love! 

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